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When you take to the skies in a CITATION LONGITUDE aircraft, you’re flying a super-midsize jet built unlike any other.

Welcome to the aircraft factory of the future, where superior design, engineering and craftsmanship come together to create cutting-edge manufacturing methods.

Discover how the Citation Longitude helps you maximize the value of your flight department.

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The Longitude jet is built with fewer parts – a 10 to one reduction compared to other business jets – significantly cutting down the number of components, and making it easier to inspect during service inspections.

The result? Less down time for the aircraft and lower operating costs.

The jet’s sleek exterior appearance is a result of metal bonding, where large aircraft parts are joined together without rivets that can affect paint quality in the surrounding areas.

This new way of assembling aircraft – from vertical tooling to monolithic machining – enhances quality and consistency throughout production.

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