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"That's mission critical:" King Air 260 expedites response time for national demolition company

A King Air customer from Greensboro, N.C shares how the King Air 260 fits his culture and rugged mission.

"I'm David Griffin Jr, President of the D.H. Griffin family of companies. We're a vertically integrated demolition, environmental and recycling business. My mom and dad started our business in 1959 from very humble beginnings. Now we're the largest demolition contractor in the Southeastern United States and one of the top three in America.

You know, every day is different. Every day presents a challenge, whether it be a demolition job, an emergency response or a recycling opportunity. It is never a dull moment at D.H. Griffin.

Well, we've been very happy with the King Air, it’s dependability and the safety record that it has. The biggest thing is it allows us to get somewhere in a really short period of time. We might get a call today that there's been a plant explosion somewhere in America, and literally we can be here within an hour and be at their facility within a couple of hours. Being able to respond in that quick time, that’s mission critical stuff.

The King Air brand is the name means a lot to us. You know, quality, safety, all these things are important. It is your culture. When I see the King Air, I see a progression of something that's got better over the whole course of its life. I mean, it's sleek, sharp. It's got a lot of power.

Our pilots love it. The avionics are great. We're just blessed that we're able to have a tool that helps our business in such a great way."

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