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Service, quality from Textron Aviation keeps King Air customers on the move

Partners in a King Air 260 ® detail how the Textron Aviation service center allows them to respond to any situation.

"My name is Jimmy Clark. The name of our company is Guy M. Turner, Inc., and we're in a crane rigging and heavy transportation business."

"I'm David Griffin, JR. President of the D.H. Griffin Family of Companies. We're a vertically integrated demolition, environmental and recycling business, both of our companies have a lot of longevity working with each other. We make good partners, we make decisions together,” shared Griffin. “This is our fifth airplane together; we've been very happy with the King Air and Textron Aviation and the customer support."

"Anytime we need help they're on it just like that. Whatever we’ve needed, they've taken care of it. We like the ProAdvantage program and that gives us all the items that we need for as far as maintenance is concerned. When our pilots come in, if there's an issue with it, they can write it up, drop it off, and it's taken care of," said Clark.

"I'm a big believer in dealing with the initial OEM, so they’re the only people we allow to work on our airplanes. The good thing is Textron Aviation has a lot of service centers throughout America. But we’re very fortunate to have it right here in our hometown," stated Griffin.

Clark agreed saying with his partner saying, "(it is) just right across the runway from us, so this afternoon's issue will be taken care of tomorrow and we're ready to go tomorrow afternoon. Textron Aviation, they stand behind their product."

"That's what makes for a good long partnership," noted Griffin.

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