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No other brand offers you more ways to adventure bigger. At Textron Aviation, our aircraft family includes the industry's widest range of choices so you can continually push the limits of performance and comfort. Not part of the family yet? Now is the time to consider what Textron Aviation can do for you.


The Beechcraft Baron Does More

When you’re ready to take the next step in your aviation journey, the BEECHCRAFT BARON aircraft is a great start. The BARON piston goes farther with six passengers than the SR22 goes with four. Carry more passengers, luggage and fuel for your mission while having the peace of mind with twin engines for aircraft redundancy.

Cirrus SR22
Useful Load 1350 lb
Climb Rate 1270 ft/min
Range 2 Passengers: 892 nm
3 Passengers: 703 nm
4 Passengers: 328 nm
Beechcraft Baron
Useful Load 1559 lb
Climb Rate 1700 ft/min
Range 2 Passengers: 1216 nm
4 Passengers: 828 nm
6 Passengers: 429 nm

*Ranges are based on ISA conditions with Zero winds, High speed cruise and 45 minute reserves.

“Reliability. I know when I arrive at the field it will be as ready to go as it was when I left it from the last flight. This was not true with many of my past aircraft.”
– Dave Johnson, Baron Owner

The Beechcraft Baron Brings More

The Beechraft Baron piston is perfect for taking the family or the team. Whether you’re heading to the office or on an adventure, you’re covered. With this aircraft, your options expand with the capability to grow with us.

Cirrus SR22
Cabin Size 5 Passengers
Cabin Length 10.2 ft
Beechcraft Baron
Cabin Size 6 Passengers
Cabin Length 12.7 ft

Twin engine redundancy brings you peace of mind


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